Boat Equity

Shared boat ownership enables you to leverage your initial investment, by getting more boat for your budget, as well as divide your annual expenses with other owners. The Boat Equity system allows you to enjoy these benefits safely and securely independent of costly 3rd party syndication managers – it’s a win, win situation! Boat Equity allows you to self-manage the ongoing maintenance, berthing and retailing expenses at actual cost not an inflated upfront fee per year. This system also allows you to enter and exit your share at any time, no lock in contract periods or compulsory sale of boats after a few years. This flexibility gives you peace of mind to leave or stay on your own terms. Another great benefit of the Boat Equity system, it allows us to syndicate your pre-owned boat! If you have not been using your current boat as often as you’d like but don’t want to give up the opportunity to do so, why not consider selling shares? If reducing your annual costs and releasing some valuable equity while maintaining your boating lifestyle is an attractive proposition contact Pacific Motor Yachts today and we’ll happily explain in more detail to see if it’s a suitable option for you.

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